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posted Jul 25, 2010 18:46:18 by ImageBankDev
I'm a software engineer who's mostly been doing web applications for the past 10 years. ImageBank is my first "real" iPhone application, one that I've been working on in my spare time. I created this app because, well, I'm a lazy person when it comes to managing photos. I'm not one that takes the time to upload pictures to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or any other 'cloud' service. Sometimes I want to be able to share a photo on my iPhone, but then I remember - doh! - the picture was taken with my digital camera and is still on my computer, and I haven't synced my iPhone. Why not have all your photos streamed to your iPhone directly? That was my motivation to create this app. What started out as a simple demo turned out to be something usable, so I started working on making it more useful.

Like many iPhone developers, this app was solely a one-man effort by yours truly. It's probably still a little rough around the edges in some parts, especially in the desktop server application, but I wanted to put a working solution out there. For less than the cost of a McDouble at McDonald's (or equivalent value-priced fast food item where you live), you can stream photos to your iPhone or iPod Touch - I think that's a pretty good deal :) Similar apps in the App Store cost almost 5 times as much, so I hope you find this to be of good value.

I will be making enhancements and improvements to both the iPhone app and the desktop server application. Some of the improvements I had in mind were:

* Better support for remotely viewing photos over a cellular network connection (this can be done right now but requires you to know your IP address and fiddle with your router settings)
* Make the server application more user-friendly, less confusing, less techie. Some of the UI elements aren't really that umm..pretty :)
* DIsplaying random photos
* Uploading photos from your Camera Roll
* Exporting multiple photos to your Camera Roll
* Universal iPad support
* Higher resolution images for iPhone 4

These updates will of course be free - you can expect the application to improve over time. There's definitely room for improvement, so please feel free to post comments in the forums (or bugs!) and I'll do my best to address your concerns and make your US$0.99 (or equivalent price in your region) go pretty darn far :D

Thank you!
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