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great product - i have some questions

posted Aug 11, 2010 06:29:32 by spielor
i realy like the product as it seems to be the only one which allows me to wirelessly import photos top my photoroll which is important that i not just can view them but also can edit them.
there are certain things which would make this app even better.
1. is there any chance to include an autoimport feature (let's say a directory which gets watched by the server or the app and as soon as new photos come in it uploads it to the ipad straight away (maybe in a predefined folder)
2. it would be great if there was a way to import complete folders without having to watch the photos before uploading and making the app save it straight to the photo folder
3. i know that this probably wont work - thanks to apple - it would be so cool if you coud creat folders in the camera roll

the reason that i am asking this is the following:
i am a dentist and the ipad could get a very valuable tool in the dental practice.
the idea is to let the nurse take photos of the patient with the dslr macro lens and ringflash
these images go wireless from the camera using eye-fi card onto the computer. the raw files go in an archive folder (could be lightroom autoimport) the jpg files from the camera go in the watched folder and get uploadede straight to the ipad. so. as soon as i finish the examination i can grab the ipad and have al pictures of the patient in a folder already ready to open in a photo edito which allows me to scribble on them while i explain to the patient.
if the author is watching these posts it would be great if you could answer me and tell me if this is possible and planned. there are many dentists just waiting for such a tool.


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ImageBankDev said Aug 21, 2010 02:19:22
Hi jens, sorry for my late reply :( I thought I'd get notified when a new post appears :( My apologies for that.

You've made some interesting suggestions. I'm considering adding a bulk-import-to-camera roll feature as well. Creating folders in the Camera Roll isn't possible right now, but it might be in the upcoming OS 4.1 update.

I mentioned in another post that an iPad native version is currently a priority right now.

I want to make it universal so anyone who has the app right now will get the iPad one as a free update.

Thanks again!
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