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Great product... - but I guess, I've found a bug

posted Aug 14, 2010 23:06:59 by SeveQ

I've searched quite some time for an app like this and finally found yours. It's great so far. Aside from some small things that need improvement/fix.

1. I'd like to add the root of a whole drive to the folder list. Therefore I have to choose '.' as the subfolder of the drive I want to add. Adding several drives results in several folders named '.' in the list on the iPhone that can't be distinguished without dipping into them.

2. After a crash of the iPhone app (for whatever reason) it always requests the user to enter a password, even though the server doesn't have one set. Requires a reboot of the iPhone to solve this issue. You should have a look into this. And please don't ask me for information on the crash, I couldn't reproduce it yet. The app simply closed all of a sudden.

Nevertheless, thanks for a great app that is yet unrivalled.
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