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posted Aug 15, 2010 20:27:01 by Gootz
First off, Great App! Been looking for something like this for awhile when I first got my iphone. Was surprised to find out no one had built anything even remotely like this for the entire time the app store had been around. Then really started looking for something like this after getting my IPad. Stumbled onto your app through the forums over at AirVideo and I have to say you've done a great job. The app does exactly what it needs to do. Create a quick efficient thumbnail gallery and load each image for browsing. The images load quick and everything works well. Server setup was easy and you even include the option for private folders. I've read your welcome post and see you will be working on universal IPad support. I'm putting my +1 behind that as that is one of the few things missing from your app being perfect imo. The only other suggestion I would make is some sort of pre-caching of the next image when browsing in full screen mode and swiping to the next image. Any additional features after that would be icing on the cake as the current iphone app resized to 2x on the ipad just doesn't look good at all. Anyways, looking forward to that update above all others. Just wanted to say how great it was for someone to make such an obvious app finally appear on the App store.
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ImageBankDev said Aug 20, 2010 22:35:55
Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it!

I'm looking into making the app Universal so that you'll get an interface that won't look so ugly on the iPad :)

Pre-caching is something I'm going to add in the Server app soon.

Thanks again!
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