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Really great little app...but...

posted Aug 24, 2010 19:01:37 by enkaytee
I notice that on both an iPad and an iPhone 4 images displayed in landscape mode will size to fill the screen - usually this means that the top and bottom of the image is cut off. If I pinch the image, the top and bottom appear and obviously there are black bars left and right, but if I let go, the image returns to fill the screen again - this is because of the aspect ratio of the devices screens. If I'm going to show off my creations, I'd like them to be displayed in full, even if this means left and right borders.
Add me to the list for a universal version - it will be awesome on an iPad!

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enkaytee said Aug 24, 2010 19:13:04
Actually - this is not for all images, but only where the image dimensions are (for example) 3648 x 2736 - from an older Canon PowerShot.
Other images with a more 'standard' aspect ratio (like 3340 x 2226) - from a Canon DSLR - display correctly.
Could the app 'sense' the dimensions and display to fit? I'm sure I've seen other image display apps do this...

Thanks again...
ImageBankDev said Aug 25, 2010 00:36:31
Yes, I'm aware of this issue and yes, it's annoying :( I guess I can't ask you to keep the image pinched while you show it :P

It has to do with the way the image is getting scaled for display. I'll try to fix this in the next update.

Thanks for your comments!
enkaytee said Aug 25, 2010 12:35:14
Just to say that I'm happy to beta test any updates - I use both Macs and Windows based PCs and have access to an iPad, an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4....
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