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Excellent application!

posted Sep 29, 2010 00:42:23 by Flaystus
So far I like it a lot. Does exactly what I'm looking for.

If I may presume however a few feature request.
1. Random Shuffle option for slideshow view
2. When you exit the app always require the password before you can see anything.
3. Adjust/raise/disable cache as desired

And of course my one pie in the sky never gonna happen feature.
1. Sever thats not written in java. ;-)

Anyway thanks for the great application!!
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Flaystus said Sep 29, 2010 00:52:52
BTW trying to post a review on the app store for ya. Hopefully it appears.
Flaystus said Sep 29, 2010 13:09:24
I realize now there is a type of shuffle in the app already but its pretty limited if there are a lot of files. It only shuffles a screen full at a time.

Let me add another request.

1. ability to set rather you prefer file or image view

Also why not have an option to make slide show shuffle. Then when you press the play button it just makes a list of file names and does a little read ahead to randomly select one. Would make it a "full" slide show that way.
ImageBankDev said Sep 30, 2010 21:11:32
Hey Falystus, thanks for your kind words and your review on the US App Store - it is much appreciated.

As you mentioned, if you want a random slideshow, you shuffle first and then view a slideshow.

An "endless" slideshow option would be nice - it's something I considered - but doing it the way I did it was the most painless and fastest way to add support for random images. I'll think about improving on this, but it's unlikely to happen given the other things I really want to add (universal iPad support, searching images using metadata).

"When you exit the app always require the password before you can see anything."

I think you're referring to fast app switching/multitasking? If you want to protect images from being shown after the app state is restored, use private folders. If you are browsing in a private folder and you switch or exit the app, you get shown the Photo Servers screen.

"Adjust/raise/disable cache as desired"

Something I wanted to add but I put on the backburner. You can clear the cache :)

"Server not written in Java"

Haha - good jab :D If I had all the time in the world, I'd probably write the server in the native platform (Windows or Mac), but I'm lazy :) Doing it in Java makes it easier to be cross platform, at the expense of losing some of the 'native' look (but not much, though, nowadays). If I wanted to make a Linux server, for example, it'd be pretty trivial at this point.

Anyways, thanks again for your comments! :D

Yoshi, the ImageBank developer
Jan said Oct 18, 2010 20:47:20
Actually, .. how could I encourage you to release linux-console based version? :)

I hate syncing stuff to the phone! So i have this nice debian-linux thing that stores my TV recordings & music files and streams it to my iphone/pad. However there is - imho - no realy nice app for images. There are lots of jpeg, png (and cr2 ;-)) images and the usual file-browser apps just dont work for me.

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