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Great app... some suggestions?

posted Nov 02, 2010 09:13:07 by zimbotommy
Great app and is perfect on the iPad for viewing files away from the boring desk!

Some extra great features would be...
- Be able to delete photos from the source folder... I use it for reviewing photos after a shoot and it'd be great if I could delete single files or tag a bunch and then delete them at the end.
- If accessing from outside the home network it'd be great if the server could "magically" sense you're on a slower network and resize the photos before serving them.
- Be able to tag multiple photos and then perform action on them such as save to roll, delete, e-mail etc

Keep up the good work mate!
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ImageBankDev said Nov 27, 2010 20:30:28
All excellent suggestions - these are things I wanted to include just haven't had time to implement :(

Thank you for your kind words!
kevin.k.yong said Mar 21, 2011 08:58:18
Nice suggestions.

I've been comparing this app with cinq. This one is much smoother and less buggy... well done.

Being able to select and send multiple files to the camera roll is what I'd love to see (for airplay, mms etc... or airplay direct from image bank would be even better).

Cinq can select and send camera roll photos to a folder on the computer which I also find very very useful. I hope this can be done in imagebank.

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