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Cool App; needs a little polish here and there...

posted Dec 13, 2010 22:56:40 by monkian
I've just installed, and tried out ImageBank; its really rather good. There are a few areas where it really could do with a little revision though...

Server on Startup:

I'm using the windows server on my HTPC; it all setup fine, I have port forwarding going and all is fine. Last step is to get it to run at startup. To do this I copied the shortcut in the start menu to the Startup folder, as I have with AirVideo and AudioGalaxy's servers.

The server really needs to be able to be started "headless"; i.e. running in the background from startup. Its not going to last long on my HTPC if it floats a window on the desktop every bootup!

Private Area:

The password system for the private area works in a really clunky and counter-productive way. If I want a private area, I want it to be that; private. That means I don't want to be having to remember to go in and DELETE the password from ImageBank's settings everytime I close the app after going into the private area.

As it stands if you've been into your private images, the chances are that anyone picking up the device from that point on has access, unless you think to go back to settings and delete the password by hand.

Really, the UI should have a button to 'unlock private area' (say a padlock icon bottom right?), when clicked it should ask for the password, which probably should NOT be stored between runs of the app.

Even more wrong; the app on the iOS device is storing a password PER IOS DEVICE, not PER SERVER. This is just plain wrong headed; if you're supporting the app connecting to one of many servers, then you have to use a password-per-server model, not what you have now. (Also, to change the per-device password, I have to back out all the way to the "which server" pane to get the settings button back)

Whew; other than that though, its working great. Its quick, easy to use, has a clean UI (I'd like options for a less vibrant cyan for the folder icons, though) and does 90% of what it says on the tin (last 10% reserved for fixing the private area access)
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ImageBankDev said Jan 04, 2011 17:42:30
I'll look into having the server software start headless as you indicated. I actually didn't think of the case of making this a startup item :)

About the private settings - yeah I realize it could use a lot of improvement. All the points you made are valid - I could see how it can get annoying over time. My original thinking was to make the privacy settings as inconspicious, but it also makes it a little confusing. I'm thinking of overhauling this at some point.

Thanks a lot for your comments, though, I appreciate it!
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