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ImageBank Server / client froze my PC.. everytime i access a certain folder

posted May 14, 2011 14:57:46 by quyniel
I should start by saying wicked app man.. Been looking around for good streaming options and this does the stream pic thing quite well..

However, I noticed a fairly significant issue with loading one of my photo folders on the ipad. The photo folder lives on a windows 7 box, and everytime i access it from the ipad, the pad stops populating all the thumb nails, and i notice the pc is unuseable.. it needs a reboot everytime i do this.

Im just about to test again with slight mods to the folder (removing some of the larger pics - anything above 5 meg)..

Posting for now.. will ceck back in after the reboot!
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quyniel said May 14, 2011 15:06:40
Ok.. Back now, but on the iPad.. As predicted the pc is unusable. I noticed 3 processes in task manager called "imagemagic studio library and utility programs" spawn up... Mem usage shot to 100%.

This time I gave it more than 5 mins.. And the pc returned.. Looks like it was just hogging resources. And probably because the images being cached and converted where massive to begin with.. Mem leak? Conversion throttling?

Would love a fix for this bug..
quyniel said May 14, 2011 15:14:11
Nope.. Pc gone again.. Still haven't rebooted. The processes are still going. This time I managed to end the 3 processes, and the image bank server. Rstarted everything and it works without a reboot.

Will stay away from that folder now!! But there will be others..

Happy to provide more info if you can't replicate
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