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Comments on ImageBank server for Windows

posted May 29, 2011 13:58:15 by hmchan
The ImageBank app is great. But I have a couple of comments on the server for Windows. I wonder why no one raised them before.

1. There is no setting to start the server on Windows start up.
2. If I put the program icon to the Startup folder, even it is set to run Minimized, it always shows the main window.
3. When I shutdown the Windows while the server is running in the background, the server always stops responding. I always have to press the End Task button to continue the shutdown. If no one presses it, the Windows will just stuck there.
4. There is no "About..." for me to check the server version.

Windows version: XP SP3
Server version : 1.9
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ImageBankDev said Aug 02, 2011 21:24:27
I've never tried this, but try running it as a Service in Windows. I'm not sure exactly how to do that, try a Google search :)

I really should add a About.. section to check the server version. I'll get that in the next server version :)
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