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Feature Requests: Server to deliver smaller images (response time), preloading in background and airview

posted Jul 30, 2011 14:11:58 by konrad
Hi Creator of ImageBank,

I'd strongly desire the following features:
- the server should optionally deliver resized images to the client
to improve response times (and to improve UMTS use).
Ideally it would resize the images to 1024x768 (e.g.) to send to
the ipad, that would reduce the image size by ~80%.
Before searching & finding ImageBank I would use some image tool
to convert all my images downsized to e.g. 1600x1200 to some 2nd
on my server and from there copy them to my desktop(s)/laptop(s)
to sync to iPhone, iPad.
That's a horrible procedure, ideally I'd just view the images from
the server directly, but still in a downsized format so that it is
possible to swipe through them very quickly - should respond within
0,25 - 0,5 seconds and preload the next one(s) in the background,
buffer previously viewed images locally.
- ideally it would be possible to sync a folder down to the iPhone/iPad
so that i can then disconnect, go outside and show the images.
- Airview: I'd like to be able to send the images to Airview devices,
I am intensively using this.

Kind regards,
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ImageBankDev said Aug 02, 2011 21:25:44
The server actually does resize all images to fit on the iOS device. Having the device try to display a large image would blow out the memory of it and it will crash :)

I submitted a new version of ImageBank to Apple that has a fix to pre-fetch images while you are swiping through them. It greatly reduces the 'load time' of the images.

Viewing images offline would be nice, yes. I've thought about it and am thinking of adding this in the future.

Currently, AirPlay only supports video streaming for 3rd party apps. Photo streaming is done in AirPlay for the AppleTV, but currently it's not available for us developers to use.
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