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Feature Request- Mark Photo On Server request

posted Aug 08, 2011 06:07:24 by ChrisNorman
What I would really love would make ImageBank way more complex than most people need or want it to be. So the compromise request that I have is a feature that would be useful to a lot (but probably not all) of your users.

I'd like the ability to "mark" the photo you are looking at on the iPad or iPhone for further review on the desktop. This mark could either mean to me that I wanted to delete that file, or if I had friends looking at some photos that they could mark the photo because they would like a copy or a print.

On the iPad it would just be some sort of simple check box. On the desktop side you could either mark the file with a Finder Label, or add a keyword to the file (it could be an iptc or EXIF keyword, doesn't matter). If you went with the keyword it would have to be something specific enough so that Spotlight could filter it out and just show you the ones that have been marked.

I have done a little work with marking photos with keywords using EXIFtool, so I could probably show you what I mean with the keyword using a couple of sample photos. So please let me know if this is a feature you might be able to add to image bank.

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