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Display image names title bar in "image mode" like in "titles mode"

posted Nov 10, 2011 04:11:16 by AaronMelius
Is it possible for the viewer to display the image names in the title while in "image mode" like it does in the "files modes" while still previewing the image?

It should would be helpful to determine which file (DSC_41675.jpg) I am looking at. What would be even better is the ability to create a "favorites" list or "starred" list while browsing that you can then come back to and view in the other modes.
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ImageBankDev said Nov 23, 2011 08:49:28
In the latest version, I removed the files mode entirely. I did at one point add the filename as a caption when viewing the photo, but I ultimately took it out because I thought it was a little distracting. I might add it back if I get feedback saying that it's useful to show the filename on the photo.

The favorites suggestion is nice - I was thinking of adding a view images offline mode that would sort of do this..

Thanks for the suggestions!

eddyg.o.o.o said Dec 18, 2011 14:39:10

I used the file modes all of the time. I would use shuffle to show people a random set of pictures, and then switch to file mode to find the name of the picture, then use that to navigate to the appropriate album to show off the rest of that album.

Not being able to know the name of a picture has broken the entire workflow :(

Might I suggest a hover/press to get picture information, including an option to jump to the enclosing folder for that picture?

BTW. I also can't add my iPhoto library - too big I guess. And I can't get the 3G option working via an Airport express either, maybe you need to document out the ports you are using so that they can be manually added?

And thanks for providing this App, I don't know what Apple were thinking in not providing a mechanism to see your pictures (hosted at home) all the time from anywhere. I guess they want to push everything into the cloud - tried that with MobileMe, 50Gb of pictures was too hard to upload, let alone expensive!

Cheers, Ed.
eddyg.o.o.o said Dec 18, 2011 14:42:51
Oops - re port forwarding, you do mention to map the "port below" i.e. 42111 by default - my mistake - should have read that last bit more carefully.
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