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PC Memory - Java

posted Jan 18, 2012 12:38:23 by wolfen51
Server Version 2.0. Java runtime 6 and Bojonur.

App on the Iphone works fine. The only problem i am having is when i exit the app the memory used to run the transmit files on my pc never clears out. It built up to about 1 gb of memory and stays there unless i end the image bank server process or the java process (which ends the image bank server anyway). Is this a know issue. I read on other java forums its a leak in the java coding. Please advise. Great app by the way paid for it twice by accident but love it all the same.

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ImageBankDev said Jan 29, 2012 22:13:50
Thanks, I'll look into this more and see if anything can be done about memory consumption.
DanielCristolovean said Mar 21, 2012 18:05:50
Memory consumption is nothing... on my machine (i7, 16GB ram) I get huge CPU consumption... 0-50%, with quick spikes over short period of times.
The only solution is to stop the javaw.exe process.

Why don't you make this server in other programming language, C++/C#, set it as a Windows Service, anything, but don't use JAVA cause it's the worst platform possible on a Windows PC. :(

Otherwise, the app is great, probably the best of it's kind but I'm considering looking for other ones if this stays with a java server.
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ImageBankDev said Apr 30, 2012 02:07:19
Ideally, I'd have liked to make the server app in native platform code (C# / Cocoa). The huge CPU spikes were probably caused by bad programming (me!) and maybe not so much Java.

The reason I went with Java was because it mostly works for both PC and Mac, and there's just a ton of support (open source libraries, community). Also because I didn't have the time to maintain both native platform versions on my own. I've never even done anything in C# yet, though Cocoa on the Mac is easier for me because iOS uses the same platform/language.

I made some small improvements in the server code so hopefully there'll be less CPU spikes. An update is coming very soon.

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