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Always hangs/crashes on launch on iPad 2

posted Feb 25, 2012 12:02:36 by PatLee
ImageBank works for the first few times and I'm able to browse image folders on multiple computers on my local network. However, subsequent launches after the first 2-3 times of use causes ImageBank to hang on the splash screen (for about 10 seconds) and then suddenly quit, returning me to the iPad home screen.

The only way I have been able to get ImageBank to launch again is to delete and reinstall the app, and reconfigure it from a fresh install. This will get ImageBank to work fine for a few launches, only to be plagued with the hanging and quitting issue again.

There is ample free storage on my iPad so I don't think low disk space is an issue. I the folders I do have set up on my computers do have several thousand images, but I didn't think that would be an issue since I'm able to launch the app and get it to work a few times after the initial set up.

I'm using the most current release of ImageBank for iOS (2.1) and the desktop server app (2.0 for Mac).
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ImageBankDev said Mar 01, 2012 00:34:08
I'm going to be submitting an update to provide better crash reporting, an in-app support forum and some bug fixes.

I don't know what's causing the crash on startup issue. I've seen others report it, but I'm hoping to get concrete details on it with the new crash reporter.

Sorry I don't have any immediate fixes, but I will try to get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for your patience!
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