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Quality of Photos

posted Mar 26, 2012 21:57:06 by PatrickBöhm

I tried Imagebank today and so far it is what I was searching for. The only concern I have is, that the Images are NOT in such a good quality when they are viewed with Imagebank. :/ The Resolution in which they are streamed seems to be ok (even if I would like to set it myself) but there are an awful lot of JPEG-artifacts in the images. :/ What can I do about this? I opened the "settings.yml" but there is not a lot in it.

I admit that this may not have been an issue until now, because on the small iPhone 4S Screen I don't see the artifacts either and maybe they were invisible on the old iPads (1 and 2) but now on the new iPad with it's big Retina-Display..... :/

Thank you for your help. :)

Greetings from Germany.
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PatrickBöhm said Mar 30, 2012 11:59:22
ChristianSchäfer said Apr 15, 2012 15:43:54
Hi, I would also be happy if there would be an Retina Display Support for the new iPad. Neverteheless, the App is great!
ImageBankDev said Apr 30, 2012 02:15:46
Retina display support is coming in the next update! I'm going to submit it in the next day or so.

Thanks! :D
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