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How to increase server cache size

posted Apr 15, 2012 20:29:28 by Alex_Cotton
I would like to know how to increase the cache size (or if it is worthwile doing). I would like to have a larger cache (sort of like Google Picasa) so that there is a large quick index, or does the server not work that way?

nb: I could not look in comments older that number 14 as this forum software seems to be freeware, and I could not open anything above page 1.
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ImageBankDev said Apr 30, 2012 02:14:29
You've sent me email about this I think - the cache lives on your computer and is pretty much unlimited - you can see the cache size in the Settings tab.

I'm inclined to get rid of this forum and depend on the in-app forum instead. There've been issues with the in-app one and the next update should address that.
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